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Customer Testimonials

“I love coming to Bark ATL because all the nice people who work there really know how to rub a girls’ tummy! They also have a really cool bridge to play on and the beds are comfy. I’m a lab, so I love the water. I really like Bark ATL in the summer because we get to swim in the pool every day!!” – Bella


“Bark ATL is the coolest place for a Dalmatian like me. I have lots of room to run and play. I love being able to do what I want and not be stuck in a cage all day. I’m waaaaaay too active for that! My mom says she loves that I come home tired every day. And did I mention I’m really popular with the ladies? I’m a big flirt and all the girls (four-legged and two-legged alike, love me)!” – Thriller


“Hi! My name is Reggie and I love Bark ATL because they are so nice to me. When I get to have a spa day the girls there do an amazing job on my hair and nails and I feel like a princess. I’m also a huge fan of the pool and the benches and play cubes. I call them my look out posts and love to watch all my friends from the top of the world! I give Bark ATL four paws way, way up.” – Reggie


“We love coming to Bark ATL because it’s a great place for little dogs like us. They keep us separated from the bigger dogs, which is good because we’re pretty small! They also do fun stuff there (notice our Spring photo!). Sebastian had his birthday party at Bark ATL a few months ago and all of the pups are still barking about how fun it was!” – Emma & Sebastian


“We are brother & sister! I’m Charlie on the left and my pretty sister is on the right. I’ve been coming here since BARK ATL opened, and then my sister joined our family (and the BARK family!). We like staying at BARK ATL when our parents can’t take us with them. We’re never kept in a cage, and we love doggy slumber parties!!” – Charlie & Prue


“I LOVE BARK ATL!!!! Seriously, I do. It is so much fun. I love going outside the best. There is a play cube, a pool (I love, love, love the pool. They throw this red ball in and it sinks to the bottom and I go down and get it. FUN!!) and misters that they turn on when it’s hot. What more could a pup ask for??” – Leo



145 Ralph McGill Boulevard, NE • Atlanta, GA 30308 • Get Directions • P: 404.688.BARK (2275)F: 404.681.BARK (2275)